Nonopticon: Hide in plain sight

What is nonopticon?

Nonopticon is an easy way to communicate securely without raising suspicion. It is an algorithm which encrypts your messages, then masks the encryption so that your encrypted message looks like something written in ordinary language. This allows you to hide your most secret messages in plain sight, on forums, websites, e-mails etc.

How to use nonopticon:

Step 1

Type or paste the message you want to send securely or which you have received from someone and want to decrypt and unmask in the text field below.

Step 2

Enter the Crypto key in the Encryption/Decryption key field. You should share this key with the person you want to send the message to, preferably personally. It is always better to make the key long and non-obvious (e.g. "kso*ii21J@D92k2" is much better than "key"). If you have received a message from someone, you should know what Crypto key they encrypted the message with.

Step 3

Select the appropriate Masking Book. You should also tell the recipient of your message what Masking Book you used, preferably personally. If you have received a message from someone, you should know what Masking Book they have used.

Step 4

To secure your message, select "Encrypt and Mask". To decode a message you received from someone, select "Descrypt and UnMask".

Step 5

Copy-paste the resulting encoded message to your favorite means of communication (e.g. Pastebin, e-mail program, social network, or forum), and send your secured message. Or, read your decrypted and unmasked message in the field below.

Use it!

Text to encrypt + mask or unmask + decrypt:

Encryption/Decryption key:Masking Book:


The Result



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How does it work?

This app integrates AES 256 in-browser encryption with a server-based masking algorithm. When you type or paste a message, it is encrypted using AES256 and your crypto-key on your own computer, in your own browser. Subsequently, the encrypted (hence, already secure and unreadable - but conspicous) message is sent to the Nonopticon server, where a Masking Book is used to generate natural language from the encrypted message. This masked message can subsequently be shared without being conspicous to automated or human monitoring systems. To decrypt a message, the recipient needs to know the proper Crypto-key, as well as choose the appropriate Masking Book. After Unmasking on the server, the message is also decrypted locally, in your browser.


We never get to know your Crypto-key; this resides entirely in your browser window. We never store any data on the use or users of the Nonopticon tool. We do collect non-individual visitor statistics for the Nonopticon site through Google Analytics, which we use for optimization purposes (e.g. to decide what Masking books to add next). Please note that Nonopticon can not guarantee complete privacy of your messages; bugs or malware on your computer or in your browser, which are all outside of the control and indeed knowledge of the Nonopticon server, might compromise the anonymity of your messages when using Nonopticon, in the same way they might otherwise compromise this privacy in any other case.


Do you like Nonopticon, but you want to have personalized Masking Books? Do you want to integrate Nonopticon in your own service or product? Contact us to find out about the possibilities.